Why so blue?

So, here we are. Day one of the 2012 version of The Blue Parrot.

Thanks to you, loyal readers, for being here.

And if you, by chance, are new to the place, don’t worry. Plenty to see around here. Check out the links for content of the past from 2011, 2010, 2009 and even before when I was piling on content at Jim Hill Media. I go back even further than that, back to the stone age days of America Online and GEnie. But none of that survives on line. A good thing to be sure.

Where do we go from here? Forward!

The bird above is one of the mascots of the place. Seen at Disneyland as boats float past at the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The blog got it’s name after one too many late night viewings of the Warner Brothers classic “Casablanca“. While I don’t own the white linen suit (as worn by Sidney Greenstreett as Senor Ferrari) I do have a rather nice fez. In fact, I am thinking of wearing it off on my expedition to the wilds of Orange County this coming weekend for Wondercon. And of course, a cocktail or three at Trader Sam’s is always a fine accompaniment to the wearing of such a fine bit of headgear.

Invigorated by the new digs, I find I have a slew of new stories waiting to be told. Maybe more like a gaggle, but I’m looking forward to pounding out a few more tales in the days and weeks ahead. Stayed tuned…

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One Response to Why so blue?

  1. Disney Lady says:

    Welcome Back!! Sorry to hear Leprehauns played some tricks on you this week, but what else is new!
    Looking forward to more great adventures.

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