What to drink?


I’m often accused of falling into a rut. And on the subject of beverages, too.

Being diabetic, I’ve changed my drink of choice to something usually low in sugar content. As well, I try to reduce my intake of diet soft drinks.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy a good beverage now and then. Just more in moderation than I used to.

Now, on the subject of rum… Yes, there is still nothing that satisfies quite like a proper Mai Tai. Made as it should be. Don’t skimp on the ingredients, especially the lime. I get that produce isn’t as cheap as it once was, especially citrus fruit. But do it right or don’t do it at all.

I am fond of Trader Vic’s Dark Rum. Mixes really well with diet tonic water. Brings all of the proper flavors to the party. And it goes quite well with a nice Kuba Kuba cigar! Bacardi’s Anejo Rum has been attractive and enjoyed, too.

In other spirits, Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey call my name. Jim Beam wins out over Jack Daniels. Regular Jack just leaves an after taste that I don’t prefer. Jim Beam has a smoother finish for me. That doesn’t mean that Jack has no attraction. Honey Jack and Gentleman Jack are truly enjoyable, sipped neat. And I have had some fine punch that used Honey Jack as a base.

Another cigar accompaniment was a nice peaty single malt whiskey from Portland. Sipping a nice glass, rolling the miles by… Ah, that’s the life. But this whiskey isn’t for everyone. In other adult beverages on the liquor side, I’ve enjoyed a fair selection of Gins, Scotch Whiskey blends from time to time.

Beer? Oh, that could fill a column all it’s own. I have been to Germany and Oktoberfest, so good “bier” is a must. Out of all the German “biers”, I really enjoyed the Andescher Dopplebock. And who doesn’t love a good pint of freshly pulled Guinness? Of the local brews, yes it’s Anchor Steam. During the days of steam locomotive operation, Anchor Porter was another well enjoyed after a long day. But Stone Brewing’s Arrogant Bastard Ale not only has a great name but goes so well with all kind of snacks.

Wine and I have a long history. Even before I was legally able to enjoy it, there was an education. My maternal grandfather discovered it as a hobby later in life. So there were plenty of weekend adventures that included a stop at a winery along the way. I’m a fan of the Silverado Vineyards, especially the Soda Creek Ranch Zinfandel. And on that trip to Germany, we sampled a good bit. My favorite from the Rheingau was the Johanisberg Reisling at Schloss Johanisberg. Many great meals here have enjoyed a glass of Dr. Loosen Riesling from the Mosel.

When it comes to soft drinks, the diet side of the product is most often the choice. Coke over Pepsi, all the time. But there are plenty of great diet drinks about. Stewart’s Diet Root Beer as one example. And not to say that I don’t enjoy an occasional full product. Wailua Soda Works Root Beer has to be tasted to be believed! The pure cane brown sugar makes it’s presence known in a delightful way.

I’m a coffee guy more than tea, although a fresh brewed cup of either has it’s charms. Decaf works best for me for medical reasons. And Peets more than Starbucks, that’s my choice.

Even something as basic as water? A fan of Calistoga Water with lime. Although at work we’re good Arrowhead customers.

All this talk of a beverage… I gotta go.



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