So… why no posts?


“It’s a fair cop, but society is to blame.”


My, oh my, but there has been a lot going on out in the big wide world lately, hasn’t it?

But, how about them A’s? Trying to make baseball interesting in Oakland again.

No, your safe here. Not going to give in and give you my two cents worth on all of it. Although there is plenty to say about it. Just too much at times, that’s all.

Hey, we had the President visit Oakland. At least he had a good time.

So, the summer is more than half gone now. Olympic fever, welcome to London. With no television, I guess I’ll miss most of the foolishness. But who ever approved the design for the official mascots, and what are those things? Look like a couple of refugees off a shrimp boat. Seriously. And that’s the polite version of it.

Speaking of Oakland, don’t forget, Friday, August 3, classic movie night at Oakland’s Paramount. “Ghostbusters” this time. $5? Such a deal!


Honestly? It isn’t that I don’t have more to share. I do, including more Carsland and Buena Vista Street. Just been busy and the blog is low on the totem pole, you know? Tends to be one thing that just gets pushed aside when other things, life life, come along and demand attention.

Still, the idea is to share. So, that you get. I’ll try to add more along the lines of the usual nonsense and foolishness. Promise!




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