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Out and about on the Internet, there are plenty of stories of folks visiting the various Disney theme parks around the globe. Plenty to read and see about the latest and greatest, right? So, why nothing from this little corner of the online world?

A fair question. And a fair answer. Even though I reside here in the Golden State, it is roughly 365 miles from my door to Anaheim. 6 hours away by freeway. So, even if I had the inclination to visit more often, reality raises it’s objections.

That does not mean I miss the Park. When I do get the opportunity to be in the neighborhood, I can have as enjoyable a day there as anyone I know. Not being part of one of the street gangs or social clubs or just even the usual hangers on at the Hub, a walk around the property has it’s own rewards. Although a stop for blue cheese and port over in DCA is more than tempting on occasion.

The truth of the matter is that Disneyland or any themed entertainment is not designed for the every day visitor. Experiences like this are designed to be enjoyed by the more casual guest. The one who may not visit once a year, let alone once a week. To be sure, there are seasonal entertainments and attractions. Of which I can be guilty of enjoying, such as the Candlelight event. Yet, if I do not get to take it in, my world does not end or begin there.

Maybe that is the real pleasure of having done so before. That pressure of having so little time and so much to take in is relieved. If I do not get to see it snow on Main Street, my month is not ruined. Because I have experienced it before. And it all probability, will do so again at some point.

I know, in the world of Disney theme park fandom, I have been able to enjoy some wonderful times with good people over the years. Some no longer with us, sadly. Been able to take in attractions now gone or enjoy entertainment no longer offered. Really miss those late night jazz sessions over at the French Market (with Teddy Buckner and his All-Stars) or even Rod Miller or Alan Thompson closing up Coca Cola Corner as the clock struck midnight. Or lucky enough to have good timing on a rainy night and be the only guest at the Haunted Mansion. Another great memory was being the only one aboard a train on the Disneyland Railroad in addition to the crew.

But are not memories the stuff of which a visit to any theme park should be?

To me, it is like a great dessert. Sure, you could have all that pastry, cream and more every night. Although after a while, as good as it may be, it becomes routine. With all of the joy gone out of it. Just the usual fluff. But save it for that special occasion and a good idea becomes great. Oh, for a nice Napolean and a cup of fine coffee right now…

That is what a visit to Disneyland is to me. And why I am glad it is not an every day kind of thing.

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