Missing something?


After the challenge to blog this month, it got me to thinking on things that I haven’t done in a while. Things that I used to do frequently, if not everyday.

Take the image above for one. When was the last time you wrote someone a letter? Not an e-mail, but an actual pen on paper letter.

Perhaps a “thank-you” note for a fine gift? Or maybe to express sympathy on the passing of a loved one?


Those crickets are getting pretty loud out here.

Okay, I’ll even accept a post card to Mom on that last real vacation.


Times have changed haven’t they? Now, you can text someone or check-in on Facebook or Instagram to let everyone know the latest. And if it is really urgent, well that is why cell phones were invented. You can actually speak to someone right now!

Is it just me or have we lost something? Writing a letter, with you own hand, one had to compose thoughts and put pen to paper. And when done, an envelope and stamp sent that little missive on it’s merry way. Trusted to the United States Postal Service to make the journey safe to the hand of another to open and read.

Same goes for conversation. Riding the train to work, one cannot help but overhear people. Listening as they chat back and forth. I find it all too amusing as one person says something and then another replies off on a completely different tangent. No give and take. No statement and response. And don’t get me started on vocabulary. What vocabulary?

If we don’t get “expletive deleted” this and “expletive deleted” that and a few colorful metaphors relating to one’s heritage, we feel absolutely cheated!

Personal communication is a wonderful thing. Maybe with some luck, that next big thing in technology will bring it back to us. With the style and elocution we deserve, maybe? PLEASE!!!


And don’t get me started about entertainment… Television? Oy! 57 channels and nothing on was never truer than it is today.

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  1. Michelle Valladolid says:

    I’m so absent-minded that I used to write postcards and completely intend on sending them…and never send them.

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