Why not a story?

Off and on, I have toyed with the idea of writing fiction.

That said, there are plenty of good people out there keeping the fires going. Some, like pal Steve Boyett, have even managed to have their stories see print on store shelves.

I have, what I think, is a fairly good premise for a story. And like many writers, I have started writing that same story many times. Finishing it and doing so to a point I feel good enough about it to let it go beyond my own desktop? That’s another matter.

One thing every author does, even just in writing this blog entry, is to know when to end. At that point, once published, you let go of the story and it goes out to live or die on it’s own. In the case of the blog, it goes out to the sphere known as the Internet. If someone likes it, they pass it along to a friend. If enough people do that, the words become more as they grow in popularity. Often, they just pass into obscurity.

In the case of  my fictional tale, that seems to be the block. Never ending, never coming to a conclusion. That or lacking the middle of the story, knowing the ending but not the meat of the tale. Sad to say, but it all just piles up that way.

Yes, it can be an easy out. Time isn’t the big bad gremlin one might think, as I have plenty to take advantage of. Still, until I am satisfied with the tale, loyal readers won’t see it either.


So… One more entry and I reach the goal, of this challenge anyway. Not to worry, plenty more fodder still lurking about. Now to get it out and about.




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