Usually, you will not find political commentary among the posts here.

But on the day before the national elections, I find it hard not to add my two cents.

I do not intend on giving you my choices for the various races or ballot issues. For that you can head elsewhere. Plenty of places and opinions everywhere one turns.

What you will hear from me is this. Simple but to the point.


Get out and exercise the franchise. Let your voice be heard.

If you think that your vote does not matter, you are wrong. Every vote matters. Not just on the big races, either.

In many cases, that single vote makes the difference. A few hundred votes one way or the other have decided issues. Important issues.

Too many people have given their all, made the ultimate sacrifice to keep that right ready for you. If for nothing else, you owe them this. Your freedom to express your feelings on an issue at the ballot box is too precious to waste.

I say again – Vote!


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