Things Change


Things change.

I have been reminded of this fact lately. In a number of ways…

Last month, my professional responsibilities came to an end after a long spell. Sad to see it happen and the way it came to end was not as pleasant as it might have been for some of the folks involved.

Yet not all change is bad. A new opportunity lies in store with new challenges ahead. One that will take advantage of skills and experiences from along the way. Looking forward shows promise.

“Things Change” has also been the title of a great little film from 1988, directed by David Mamet. This review by Roger Ebert gives a good glimpse into the project, which starred Don Ameche and Joe Mantegna. One of my favorite little screen gems from the 80’s.



Without giving the story away, the title is an apt one. Don Ameche found several good roles late in his career and this is indeed among those. Worth a watch some time.

The last Saturday in June found me in Anaheim. At one time, this was a yearly visit with family members to celebrate a particular birthday, but the last few years have found real life getting in the way. So it was a treat to enjoy Disneyland and California Adventure for the day. A less hectic day than those of the past with no real plans ahead of time.

I know that some folks are disappointed with some of Disneyland being closed due to construction for the Star Wars project. But on the whole, I did not find that this was all that big a problem. Sure, the Disneyland Railroad may not be making trips, nor the Mark Twain or the Columbia sailing the Rivers of America. But there were plenty of memories being made elsewhere, with good numbers of happy guests all around.

We enjoyed a breakfast at Rancho Del Zocalo (Chilaquilles was tasty!) and a nice lunch at the Harbor Galley (Lobster rolls at Disneyland? And a tuna salad sandwich enjoyed next to the Columbia that takes one back through the years back to the Chicken of the Sea galley in Fantasyland!) Disneyland offered nice rides on the Jungle Cruise, Pirates and the Haunted Mansion, along with various rides up and down Main Street. California Adventure saw us enjoy the new version of Soarin’, Radiator Springs Racers and a ride on the Red Car Trolley.

The afternoon came with a Disneyland Mint Julep, truly a throwback to earlier visits through the years.

While it wasn’t a whirlwind adventure by any means, I have to say it was a fine day at Disneyland. The kind of thing that I used to enjoy more often.


And who knows? This new opportunity might allow more of these kind of days.


But first up, the annual Friends of the Magic gathering is coming , August 5th through 7th. The Blue Parrot will be hosting a meet and co-hosting another along with the Pink Monorail. Hope to see a few readers join in the festivities! A good chance to meet some wonderful folks bringing Disney content online. Worth the time if you are in the area of Disneyland!


Yes, indeed. Things change.




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