The Voices of Liberty


Not all of the new things at the Disneyland resort are in the California Adventure park.

Back across the Esplanade, you’ll find an addition over at the Opera House in Main Street’s Town Square. Said addition being the folks above, known as “The Voices of Liberty”. Imported for the summer from Epcot’s American Experience, the troupe of vocal talents is sure to win fans at Disneyland as well.

They began with a song in front of the Opera House and then moved inside, mingling with the crowd.


I have always been a fan of live entertainment at the Park. Something about a performance  rather than just another recording, I guess. The Voices of Liberty does not disappoint here. This fresh approach to entertaining and educating is a welcome one.

Moving inside the Opera House, the group performed a series of songs that tie in well with the Lincoln presentation. The added dimension to that show is well worth the addition of 10 minutes.

On our visit, Saturday through Monday in late June, the Voices of Liberty were appearing Friday through Tuesday, on the hour from 11 am to 5 pm. If you get the opportunity, you really owe yourself the treat to stop by and enjoy their performance. At this time, they are scheduled to be at Disneyland until September.

And then, while you’re already in the theater, enjoy the classic “Great Moments with Mister Lincoln”.

It’s a fine way to enjoy some of Disneyland’s best!

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