The Pleasure Dome


One of the favorite railcars we get to charter for clients is the Plaza Santa Fe, a.k.a. the “Pleasure Dome”.

Originally, it was 1950’s version of the Super Chief. Not only was it the only dome car in service between Chicago and Los Angeles, it offered the Turquoise Room – the only private dining room on any passenger train in this country. Located right next to the dining car, it was where you could find the Santa Fe’s Champagne Dinner Service.

Through years of Amtrak service and finding the way into private service isn’t unique to the Plaza Santa Fe. Of the 6 built by Pullman in 1950, all survive. But the 503 is the only one that meets Amtrak standards and still rolls on trains as intended, occasionally along the Santa Fe.

Thanks to all the fine folks who make this possible!

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