The next Star Wars trilogy: Where dies story?



That title came out of the blue but I think it pretty well describes my thoughts on what audiences can expect come episodes VII, VII and IX of the Star Wars franchise. At least, I hope I could be wrong…

What those of us who grew up with the first three films (that is episodes IV, V and VI) hope for is a story that takes a cue from those stories and does not attempt to retell or change the past. For example, no time travel or deus ex machina easy outs. No cheap rehash of the previous stories.

For example, just because the Emperor and Darth Vader are dead, and another Death Star blown to bits, does it mean that the Empire is toast. Some one would likely fill the void and continue to try and hold it all together. There are still plenty of other Star Destroyers and Imperial troops still waiting to be dealt with.  And assuming Luke, Leia and Han (along with Chewie) have managed to stay alive some 30 odd years later, odds are that the Rebellion is still fighting to win more star systems over to join their cause.

Where does that leave us as the audience? Well, I don’t think we need a story that tries to tell us what happened during the last 30 years. A few hints or a tease perhaps, but we don’t need or deserve a moment by moment tale that wastes valuable screen time. In all that time, likely the Rebellion and the Empire have seen gains and losses.

But maybe we can learn of a character who is sincere in his desire for peace. Think Rudolph Hess in galactic terms. Someone of high enough value who is willing to give him or her self up in order to set things right. Only to be betrayed by others who see a victory to be won. Creating a new threat to be dealt with.

Perhaps here is the time to have the way with the audience. To make up for those all too easy moments when Darth Vader was revealed as Luke’s father. When the simple path out was taken. Instead of the plot twists and turns the story could have shown us. Played with us, toying with our emotions, only to dash them on the rocks.

The audience needs to remember. The story arc all through these films is not meant to follow any of the organic characters. George Lucas, on a number of occasions, has said that this is the story of the droids – Artoo and Threepio.

As nice as it will be to see old favorites on the screen, they need to play their parts and step aside. Cut down or simply retired. With new characters to tell us new tales. Getting in and out of trouble. Having the kind of adventures we hope for from a Star Wars film. With a nice touch of mythos thrown in for good measure.

In the end, do we hope for peace to be restored through out the Galaxy? Sure. A new order of Jedi as the guardians of justice? Perhaps. Maybe all we get is a few more good steps along the way. Never really seeing the goal realized.

Life is uncertain. Telling new tales should take that point and use it. But to be fair to audiences? Don’t go for the easy out. Give us a story that makes us look for something new. Not just a rehash of what came before. ’cause we’ve seen it and done it already.

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