The Hunt For Green October


There’s nothing better than to have your team right in the thick of it as Labor Day approaches.

In the case of Oakland, it is indeed a pleasant surprise to find the team playing so well. Having been through enough years where third place looked like a bonus, as a fan I am excited.

Baseball as a group activity is always fun. As spectators, there is plenty of good food and drink to go along with that. Prices climb as usual but nothing quite like a beer and a hot dog with your ballgame. Insert James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner gag here (from Field of Dreams). Be it family, friends, co-workers or even alone. Just a good time watching folks playing the game.

That’s not to say that some people don’t add their own brand of nonsense to the game. Everything from running on the field to running one’s mouth about the umpires to starting a fight over spilled beer. You know how expensive that is? Not that I’ve ever enjoyed a game in hand cuffs. The press box maybe…

On the whole, folks out for the game are good people. There to enjoy the day and have a good time. Those who try to take advantage of a moment usually don’t succeed. Oh, the days when Mary Lou ruled over section 121… Now some of that was comedy. A benevolent dictatorship, it may have been. But for folks who had tickets to seats there, finest kind!

Baseball is pretty much the same where ever it is played. No matter if it’s the big leagues, minor league or even Little League. Just ask the kids from Petaluma. Spectators get into a game and live and die on the pitch, hit or caught by their favorite player.

My wife and I watched a game on television the other night while out for dinner. She mentioned that she didn’t recognize any names on the team. It is true that the guys who she may have watched are all gone now. Some to other teams, some to retirement, some to obscurity – simply released or waived. Still, we watch and we have a good time. As the new crop brings excitement back to the game.

As it should be.



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