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Some years the days just fly by. And so it is with this one. Time just seems to get away from me.

Hey, how about that Napa earthquake? Slept right through it out in Livermore. Yet, glad that no one lost their lives and that damage is less than it could have been. Indeed, a wake-up call for all of us. Having a “disaster” kit on hand is a good idea for everyone, be it in case of tornados, hurricanes or earthquakes. The old Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” is advice worth following.

Glad to see that both Silverado Vineyards and the Lasseter Family Winery are back welcoming visitors after the quake. A lot of other wineries were not so lucky. And yes, you can cry over spilt wine…

Speaking of oddities with weather, is it just me or does the fact that in the midst of one of the toughest droughts on record Burning Man got enough rain out on the Playa to wash out the first day of events seem more than ironic? I’m still trying to keep a straight face about the whole thing. Especially as one of my great-grandfathers was involved in making the decision that brought a big cement plant to Gerlach back in the 20’s. Even Reno locals never went out there if they didn’t have to.

On the subject of other Nevada events, on the calendar there is the Rib Cook-Off in Sparks coming up this weekend. One year I was aboard the train as it came into town during the festivities and all you could smell was BBQ. Ribs were damn tasty! September also bring aviation to Reno with the Balloon Races the following weekend, and the famed Reno Air Races the weekend after that. The fun never stops, does it?

September also promises to be an exciting month for fans of America’s national pastime here in the Bay Area. Both the Athletics and the Giants may yet still be in the post season. And no, we don’t need another earthquake if there were to be a Bay Bridge series. 25 years after the last one, things are almost recovered.

Looking forward to October, too! Private Car Service will be welcoming guests aboard the chartered Pullman sleeping car “Salisbury Beach” for a round trip from Los Angeles to Oakland on Friday the 10th. A wonderful ride to and from the Bay Area with a visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum and perhaps some Fleet Week activities including the US Navy Blue Angels.

Speak of the WDFM, November promises a great new exhibition on Walt Disney and trains. Some great items on display and some fine programs in store!

Yes, sir! Plenty of fun available in the months ahead.

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