Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam


Ah, the joys of the Internet…

I do enjoy reading c0mments from you, my loyal readers. Always glad to know you enjoy something or learn a bit of extra goodness to go along with a post.

But, I really can do without all the bots that seem to have found the blog. You name it, I get comments about it. The usual little blue pills or how to enhance one’s love life. Links to purchase all kinds of stuff. Every thing but porn. That one I expected but seem to have been spared so far.

And even though I use my trusty Mac to handle the duties, I am not free of malware attacks. Or at least, attempted ones.

Moderating the site’s comments takes me back to some of my earliest days online. Back in the stone age, on AOL, roaming message boards, looking for naughty words or testy comments about the lineage of a poster who dared suggest someone’s favorite actor might have a fandom of a particular flavor. When life online was simpler. Nostalgia, take me away!

It really is too bad that all this has taken on the name it has. With a negative connotation. Spam. Meat in a can that has a cult following all it’s own. I can even admit to enjoying it. A sandwich of a slice or two of this canned conglomeration on white bread with mustard and ketchup. Takes me back to summer days as a Boy Scout at camp. I can taste it now… Spam musubi, too. An occasional favorite at L&L.


But, all this is part of the joy of having a blog. And I guess I will continue the slog. Even as the spammers continue their efforts.

Such is life online.

To finish today, an ode to Spam. You know you like it…

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