Somebody got a good answer?

42-53 - Golden Horseshoe Performance

From a Disneyland Panavue Slide – a performance of the original Golden Horseshoe Review.


So, by now, the Disneyland faithful has seen the Limited Time Magic version of the Salute To The Golden Horseshoe Revue.


With it’s month long run ahead, I have yet to hear anyone take up the challenge and give an answer as to why the most memorable part of this guest favorite has been omitted. Namely, the role of the Travelling Salesman. As performed by Wally Boag and his substitutes/successors including Bert Henry, Fred Frank, Jim Adams, Ron Schneider, Dana Daniels, Kirk Wall, Steve Petska, John Pate, Don Payne and Dick Hardwick.

Give Wally Boag his due as the king of them all, but with as many shows/performances as there were, all of these gentlemen brought something to that stage. Something special, that still evokes memories for many guests. From the first performance for Walt & Lillian’s wedding anniversary in 1955 before the Park opened to the  last performance on October 12th, 1986, it was more than just entertainment for guests and the folks who performed in it. And while the current version is a tribute, it falls short.

Why then does this current version not pay homage to those gentlemen mentioned above? I am sure there is an answer somewhere. Maybe not a very good answer, but somewhere inside the labyrinth that the Disney company has become, someone made this decision. And perhaps, eventually, we will hear the why’s and where-for’s behind it.

But, perhaps not. Disney also has become good as not answering the questions it does not which to. Oh, give 25 or 30 years down the line and someone might chip in with a tale. After all the people responsible have “moved on” or otherwise.

Sure would be nice if someone would own up to it now and share the details. Gotta be a good story lurking out there to share.




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