So quiet, you can barely notice



Keeping busy isn’t the problem. It is finding the time to post that is the real culprit.

I won’t bother you, loyal readers, with the details, but lately I have been away from the keyboard far more often than I wish. All for the best, really.

Meanwhile, down at the Park… It is those months when the walls go up and construction ramps up for the summer months. Projects are underway and prying eyes want to look behind or over, oh so badly. In the overall scheme of things, I am pleased with the direction things are taking in Anaheim. Carsland and Buena Vista Street have revitalized California Adventure and Disneyland will eventually see the benefits. Still can’t wait for the day that the suits decide to do away with that cheapest of annual passes, the Southern California Select, a.k.a. the babysitter pass. If they truly want to cut the number of pass holders and maximize income, this is the place to start. But enough of flogging that subject…

Snow! You got it, we got it. March is coming in like a lion, as I hoped. Still need more rain out west. And March, April and May have had years where they surprised the weather folks. I recall snow on Memorial Day at Lake Tahoe, so who really knows?

Nice to hear that George Lucas has submitted a proposal for a cultural arts museum at Crissy Field in San Francisco’s Presidio. Would make a great addition to the place, and likely the best choice out of the 16 ideas put in place. Especially since he has all of that money he made from selling the empire to Disney. No shortage of funds there.

Ah, summer movies… The next chapter in J.J. Abrams shaky camera and lens flare filled Star Trek awaits. And maybe this time Warner Bros. can finally market their way into a blockbuster with Man of Steel. I’m just waiting for the next chapter of The Hobbit to come along, hopefully to better acclaim than the first.

Somewhere, a really good story waits to become a film that doesn’t rely on CGI and visual effects to capture an audience.

Back to the subject at hand, I promise more than an occasional visit to these pages. After all, that is why you keep coming here. Must do the right thing.


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