San Francisco’s PresidiGo

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Ron and Diane Miller at what would become the Walt Disney Family Museum,

in San Francisco’s historic Presidio.


When it comes to spectacular locations in San Francisco, the Presidio is pretty high on the list. With views of the Golden Gate (bridge and all) that just can’t be beat, it is not hard to understand why it is such a favorite of so many people.

Yet, it manages to be one of the most difficult for folks from out of town to find, let along enjoy. If you drive a car (your own or a rental), all of the current construction along Doyle Drive and the approaches to the Golden Gate Bridge can be more than a little confusing. Trying to get a taxi cab from anywhere in the City can also be frustrating as more than one cabbie has confused Montgomery Street downtown with the street of the same name on the Presidio’s Main Post.

You can travel to the Presidio using the San Francisco Municipal Railway’s (or SF Muni) bus routes to and from the Presidio. Many require at least one transfer from one bus route to another to get there or back.

Another favorite of tourists is one of the hop-on, hop off double-decker bus tours that makes the rounds of the City. Yes, it does stop right in front of the Walt Disney Family Museum, but not on a predictable schedule that I have seen in action.

But would it surprise you to learn that there is a free bus service that travels from downtown San Francisco to and from the Presidio? Indeed, there is. And it is called PresidiGo.

Last Saturday, I was enticed to visit the Museum as a friend had an extra ticket for the 3:00 pm presentation by Glen Keane. But not wanting to drive into San Francisco from Livermore (46 miles or better than an hour and a half of travel time) made me think about alternatives. The one that made the most sense was to take a BART train from it’s Dublin/Pleasanton station to San Francisco’s Embarcadero Station. From there, a ride aboard the PresidiGo Downtown Shuttle to the Presidio’s Transit Center and a short walk to the Museum. In about the same travel time, with a whole lot less hassle, there I was. And the shuttle ride? It was absolutely free!

On weekends, the Downtown Shuttle operates between 1030 am and 730 pm. During the week, the same route operates between 610 am and 930 pm; however it requires a pass for employees or residents before 900 am and for certain afternoon departures from the Presidio. A stop at California Street and Drumm Street, right in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel – next to the California Street Cable Car and BART’s Embaradero station – is well placed for travel in both directions.

So pass the word! Here is a very simple way to travel to and from the Presidio from downtown San Francisco.

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