Round Midnight

Every now and then, there are rare moments at Disneyland when everything seems to fall into place. Perhaps by design or by fate.

Such was the case on a recent Saturday night. With a bit of occasional mist still falling and temperatures in the upper 40’s, the stage was set. Being on my own in Anaheim, spending a few hours at Disneyland with my camera would make for a nice way to end a very long day. The Park would be open until midnight. After some torrential rains earlier in the day, most of the locals were long gone and the tourists retreated to those hopefully warm and dry hotel rooms.

As the hour grew close to midnight and the Park’s closing, I walked along the Rivers of America. At the Frontier Landing, the Mark Twain and her reflection glittered as the proverbial wedding cake. A few guests lingered for a last voyage on Pirates. The shops and restaurants of New Orleans Square were shuttered for the night. No screams were heard from Splash Mountain.

The view of the Mansion through the trees drew me on. As I came closer, I noted a solitary figure standing on the steps in front of the portico. A glance at my watch showed it to be a few minutes before midnight. Approaching the entry, that figure became clearer. Wearing the full dark green costume for the attraction, it was a single gentleman. On a night like this, his cape provided a proper touch of decorum as well as warmth and comfort.

After an exchange of pleasantries, I entered the foyer of the Mansion. After all these years, that wallpaper still looks wonderful. (Bradbury and Bradbury – perfect for one’s own home or other space.) The chandelier, with candle lights flickering as always. Yet, tonight there was a difference from any previous visit.

Other than the cast members finishing their evenings, I was alone. There were no other guests.

No one repeating the words spoken by our ghost host. No screams from guests, just the spirits. No flash from cameras.

And does it seem colder all of a sudden?

From the foyer to Little Leota, it was just me. And 999 happy haunts…


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  1. Disney Lady says:

    Wow! What a photo! Puts you right there in every sense! Can’t wait till I get to go myself in June. Looking forward to possibly repeating a magical summer evening on the upper balcony at Brennan’s as the sun went down and the lights came up. Great memories from every trip to Disneyland.

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