Okay, Disneyland… time to take action. Safety First!


So, I have returned from the wilds of Orange County. For the most part, it was an enjoyable three days in Anaheim. But the image above was definitely one of the lower moments.

Yes, loyal readers, this is the kind of thing Disneyland needs to step in and put an end to. For the record, this was on the afternoon of Friday, June 20th at about 2:45 pm. Astute folks may recognize this location as along the Rivers of America between Frontierland and New Orleans Square. Where at 9:00 pm that evening, the first of two performances of Fantasmic will take place. Pretty much the center of where the audience will be.

As you may also see, there was a fairly good crowd in the Park that day. Even though many AP’s were blacked out, there were more than enough folks having a good time. During the day, the area along the river here is used for stroller parking for guests heading off on Pirates. A good call as that can equate to lots of strollers in one spot at a time.

Now it’s one thing to grab a curbside spot for that parade coming by in a bit, but more than six hours in advance? A bit over the top. Way over. And if you look closer, you will see that on two of those blankets are the vests of one of the social clubs that call the Park their turf. It’s obvious to me that the folks who did this were veteran visitors staking out their space for the long haul.

The scene above is a recipe for disaster in the making. All one would need to do is slip and fall on one of those blankets and be trampled under foot. Lawsuits just waiting for the taking. The trip of a lifetime in way too many ways.

So, what does Disneyland need to do? Simple! Station someone from Security here, who firmly and politely informs guests that they can not place a blanket on the faux stones to save a place for the performance – more than an hour before it begins. Explain it as matter of safety. Disneyland has placed guest safety in high regard and I can think of no better way to show this.

Take things to another level and make Fantasmic work just like World of Color. Fast Passes and all. It would help greatly. I can imagine that it would help with some of the traffic flow issues as well.

And don’t stop here, the same should apply on Main Street and in the hub before fireworks. Setting up to save a place should be limited to an hour before the performance. Any earlier than that should not be allowed.

Time for Disney to take back some responsibility here. Don’t worry about saying “no” to a safer situation.

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  1. Jon says:

    This is so completely trailer park. It is disgusting.

    Many years ago, I was trying to watch a show (pre-Fantasmic) that was being shown on the river there. I was leaning against a trash can. I didn’t think much about it, until a worker said I had to move. I asked why.

    “Because those are the rules.”

    I moved. I felt it was more important to follow Disneyland’s rules than for me to get a good view. I didn’t run the place. I was a GUEST, and I behaved like one. I apologized, and moved.

    Disneyland needs to go back to the idea of having expectations of their “guests.” In the 1960s, you had to be properly dressed, and you had to be properly groomed. If you looked like a bum, they would keep you out.

    When I see this photo, I feel nothing but sadness. Disney has given up the idea of the park being special, and turned it over to “Whoever will give us a few bucks.” This is horrible. What was once a national treasure has degraded into junk.

    Please, Disney. I don’t know if you read this site or the comments, but unless you make Disneyland special, it will continue to devolve into the worst sort of low-brow junk. PLEASE examine your annual passport policies. PLEASE examine who you let in. Even into the 1980s, there were dress codes and behavior codes.

    This has all changed. Disneyland is very little different from walmart now. It was never this before. It was a class organization, for the best of people and ideas. This does not mean that those who made less money could not go, but it meant that those people who went cared and respected the park. There was no graffiti problem. There were not people laying out quilts for Fantasmic hours before the show.

    It was a special place, at one time. It was a national treasure. It was something that was a privilege to visit. Now? It’s very little different than anything else, and it is trading on its reputation.

    Please. Fix these sorts of things. Demand the same sort of quality from your guests as you demand from your offerings and your employees. Walt Disney World may be for the mobs but Disneyland should be for those who have respect.

    So much has been lost. Please try and put it back to what it once was, a national treasure.


  2. Here here!!! Well said and on point!

  3. Tiki Tommy says:

    WOW! I have no personally witnessed this but WHAT A JOKE! That looks like a park rented wheelchair. These groups make a small investment in this mobile seat and think they can monopolize that much valuable real estate. I would walk right over those abandoned blankets kicking and shuffling all the way. Wonder how quick that person in the chair would get up to preserve them. He looks very comfortable with feet planted firmly on the ground. Wonder what the extent of his physical disability might be? I bet they take several shifts in that almighty Throne of deception. No Shame ! Disneyland should not be intimidated by these oppourtunist who might even be chargeing a fee to hold these spaces. If thats the case maybe I will start my own business inside the park.

  4. Jessica says:

    We said the same exact thing! We were there the 1st of the month and were squeezed up against people walking by trying to avoid blankets. Some also had strollers in front of the blankets so people wouldnt step on them creating even less room for crowds to get by. It was rediculous.

  5. chandler says:

    Hey there, I agree with you that 6 hours is a little excessive but I for one am not opposed to going 3 hours before and camping out for the team and the only way to stake out your spot is a blanket, plus it makes your stay/sit a lot easier on the tushy. Having gone to Disneyland almost weekly my whole life I have learned that you have to have a blanlet to stake your spot out, failing to do so makes you an open target for everybody to come get chummy with you in your perfect spot that you waited 3 hours for, just 10 min before show time, that’s NOT okay. People of.other cultures mainly Asian and Hispanic don’t understand personal space. I go so far as to tape down the corners of my blankets because people of other cultures speak in their native language telling their little kids to kick it in to make room for them 10 min before show time.
    I get where you are coming from, and safety is first, but if you have a giant colorful blanket and somebody trips on it, they just aren’t looking. You seem to be more bitter about the walkway being congested or you are jealous that nobody staked you out a primo spot.
    So I agree with you on some points but I dont think you’ve experienced my side either, the camping our and having to deal with last minute people now jabbing you in the back with their elbows 10 min before show time.

  6. Linny says:

    While I agree COMPLETELY about the fact that people shouldn’t be able to set up for Fantasmic that early, maybe an hour to an hour and a half before showtime. However they are unable to use fast passes on the Rivers of America or the street for fireworks because the space is to large to use fast passes. Its easier for World of Color because that area was specifically designed for show areas. Theyre able to shut off the area and still have enough space for parades and stuff.

  7. Jen says:

    I agree with this article 100%!!! Well said

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