Oh, to be in Anaheim, now that spring is here.



Oddly enough, that is the plan for this weekend.

A quick drive down the Five to Anaheim.

While I will take a bit to visit both sides of the Disneyland Resort, it is far from the reason for this trip. Well, maybe… Okay, it is for a party for friends and it just happens to be at the Grand Californian Hotel.

My last visit was in January for a rare Monday. Having been in the southland for a private railcar trip, it was a pleasant diversion. Sadly, the weather turned to rain and it was a miserable crawl by automobile out of the LA basin home to the Bay Area. Not so this trip as the forecast calls for mostly sunny with some clouds and temps in the low 70’s.

Unlike ten years ago, I will miss the kick off festivities for the 60th Anniversary of the Park. To be honest, that doesn’t bother me all that much. While I am sure that there will be plenty of smiles and tears to go along with Disney magic, the announced plans for the event failed to tug enough at heart strings to make me really down at missing anything. Sure, parade will be nice, as will fireworks and the new version of World of Color. And some attractions are getting some well needed attention. All spiffed up to look the best for happy guests.

60 is kind of a funny number. To be sure, there is something to celebrate in reaching that anniversary. I haven’t personally gotten there yet myself, but as far as milestones go, it is somewhere in the middle. 50, now there is a big number. Half a century, five decades as time passes. Now 65, oh that is another spot. Retirement, a well earned break and time to enjoy all that life still has ahead right?

I’ve made an observation to friends that I would really like us all to still be kicking about to celebrate Disneyland’s 75th. As much as I would like to see the 100th, odds are not in my favor. But who knows? That is a ways off yet. Too far to worry about it…

All that nonsense aside, I am looking forward to sharing time with friends and seeing a thing or two for myself. The fact that it takes place in Anaheim and at the Park? Just a good bonus.

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