Nothing Lasts Forever.

I published this over on Facebook last month. Worth sharing here.



I understand nostalgia.
Deep down, we all have some thing or some moment passed that we wish we could enjoy again. Or it may be some one who is no longer in our lives, for a variety of reasons.
Honestly, there is nothing wrong with the sentiments behind that wish. And I also get that some people will try to go back to places in hope that they will find those times again.
The issue they usually find is that what they seek is not there.
Reality is that those things, moments or people will never be the same as they are in memory. Even from day to day, things change, albeit it subtly. All the elements that added up to make the experience combine to create the memory will not align in the same way ever again. And that is an odd fact that some people find hard to accept or choose not to believe.
What you do need is to enjoy the moment as it happens. Shared with the people who matter most to you. Enjoy their company and marvel that they are there to share this time with you.
I have a whole bunch of moments over my years that I wish I could relive. Experiences shared and maybe taken for granted at the time. And like many others, people I wish I had taken more time to learn from when I had the chance. So much I wish I could have shared with them. Places, experiences, tastes, smells.
As much as we wish, even the most promisingly permanent gives way to the passage of years. Places I have visited were once home to many, yet today are little more than a wide spot on a dusty path. If you did not know people had been there, you would see little to mark their passing influence.
The moral of the story? Memories are worth building. Take the time today, for once the moment passes, you can’t go back to repeat what made it
All we can do is be nostalgic and smile at pleasure of the memory.
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