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It is one of those weeks. Depending on which way you turn, your actual mileage may vary.

Politics certainly is fun right now. I keep asking myself, “Is this really the best you can do?”, when it comes to the choices at hand. I don’t really have a great deal of faith in the candidates, but it seems to be a pretty clear mandate that everyone really does not care for business as usual. Not that a Presidential election will change that. Going to take voters from one party or another to come to the polls and out vote their idealogical counterparts. And as long as we have unlimited spending for political campaigns, things won’t change all that much. Folks will believe what they want to, no matter what facts may be in evidence to counter those beliefs.

But hey! We got rain in California this winter and spring that seems to have lightened our “drought” situation. And as regular as clockwork, the Golden state is turning brown. Hoping that dead trees and high grasses will be kept in check as the fire seasons of summer and fall come along. And that those who will be fighting the inevitable wild land fires will be safe out there. Weather this week has been somewhat cool and gray. That would be nice when the summer months come to call.

Life is good right now, with the cats seeing the start of their sixth year on the planet. A couple of rescued ferals who just fit in with us, taking their rightful places as our overlords, demanding food and attention while sharing the royal personage with us larger and clumsier “cats”.

While I know that the summer season for movies is well underway, I have kind of lost the enthusiasm for what lies ahead. Call me what you will, but it sure seems as stories have all blurred, with super hero film after super hero film after super hero film. When it came to comics, I was always more of a DC fan than Marvel. I will admit that somewhere among my stored collections of stuff, I do actually have a copy of Howard The Duck, issue number one.

Down to the wire for last episodes on a number of television series, too. While we are wired to the Internet for the delivery of some content (thanks to Hulu and Apple TV), I still don’t miss the greater part of all of the options. A vast wasteland indeed…

Ah, baseball… Going to plan for a few minor league games this summer. Have yet to visit Stockton’s Banner Island Ballpark and need to remedy that. Visits to Modesto and San Jose call as well for some class A ball. And Reno with the AAA Aces seems worth the adventure, with some fine Basque dining nearby at the Hotel Santa Fe.

Yes, sir… plenty of summer ahead and plenty of great opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of along the way.

Now just to get there all in one piece.


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