Municipal Stadium


I’ve been enjoying baseball for many years. Spent time in the third deck at Candlestick with the fog coming in long before the Croix de Candlestick was even thought of. And enjoyed the Oakland Coliseum during those back to back to back World Series years. Way before Mount Davis ruined a nice ball park. Been to the Big A in Anaheim, Safeco Field in Seattle (I still think a ride on the roof would be fun) and am more than ready for another sauteed crab cake sandwich at Camden Yard.

But given the choice, it would be here. Municipal Stadium in San Jose. Home to the San Jose Giants, the A class affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.

Here you are really close to the game. You get to see baseball played by men looking to break into the major leagues. As nice as it is here, the idea is to play well enough that you don’t spend much time here. You want to move up to AA, AAA and finally get called up to the “show”.

Plenty of good baseball. And plenty of good food, especially at Turkey Mikes BBQ.

Great fun and reasonably priced all around. Who could ask for more? Okay, maybe a foul ball, too.




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