More than just a shirt


It is a fact.

More people who come to Disneyland seem to leave most, if not all of, their brain at home.

How else can one explain this question? And yes, it has been asked by guests, over and over during the 57 plus years…

I get that for some folks all of a day at the Park is a bit too much. Overload, if you will. Just a bit much to process. They can’t take it all in.

The sad part is that they shouldn’t try. This is one time where quantity versus quality is not the best idea. Sure, you can be “go, go, go, go” from park opening to park closing. You can map out an attack and methodically travel from land to land. If it’s 1:45 pm, then we must be in line for Dole Whip at the Tiki Room. (And yes, I’ve seen just this. But never been a participant.)

Disneyland is really all about the shared experience. That same kind of thing you get at a movie with a good audience taking in everything a film maker has crafted to be on the screen. Yet it is not about rushing through, missing the details. For in the details, Disneyland has a good many smiles and memories, waiting to be explored.

Like the 3:00 parade.

Don’t miss it.




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