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Baseball in late October. Nothing like it. One heck of a Game One. Still, I wish it were the Oakland A’s instead of the San Francisco Giants. In some alternate universe, it is…

Can’t say I am a fan of some of the things coming along in plans for a certain theme park in Anaheim. Walt envisioned a place where families could all enjoy their time together. Not to squeeze every last penny out of their pockets. But you can’t blame the company for trying. If folks keep paying the prices, the stockholders are happy.

And it’s the season of ghouls and zombies, too. Every four years we get some of the finest theater ever presented. Is it just me or has Mitt really got his ironic smile down pat? One of the scariest since Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”. The shame is that Mitt won’t be eligible for an Oscar for his performance. Speaking of scary, Donald Trump’s hair.

So, it seems that fall has really come to Northern California. Complete with rain and snow. And colder temperatures, too. Time to get out the extra blankets and light the pilot light on that heater.

Was nice to hear Tom Hanks give such a big plug about the Walt Disney Family Museum during a recent appearance on David Letterman’s show. After his two recent visits and time spent with Diane Disney Miller, there may be hope for “Saving Mr. Banks” after all.

On the subject of Mr. Hanks, how is it that he isn’t getting some kind of chance to throw out the first pitch at an A’s or Giants game? Many years back, he certainly threw enough peanuts around the Coliseum and Candlestick to earn such an opportunity. Celebrity that he is now, it seems appropriate. If the A’s can summon the spirit of the 80’s and invite MC Hammer to open a game, why not?

Christmas is coming, too. This year is the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens. Should be a great time at the Great Dickens Christmas Faire. Some new actors in great roles, an extra weekend (five instead of the usual four) and extended hours. London promises to be in fine spirits this year during the holiday season. And of course, what would a visit be without tea at Cuthbert’s?

On the big screen, of course I am waiting to see “The Hobbit“. And “Cloud Atlas” looks interesting as well. Can’t help but lament the end of film prints, but am glad to see studios re-releasing classics for the big screen again. Wonder when Disney will start again? Before the growth of home video, that seven year plan seemed to work so well. Glad to see a few titles coming along, but 3D isn’t for every one or every film. Would hate to see “Gone With The Wind” get that treatment.

Another day, week, month, year. Where does the time go and what happened to all those folks who made things so good then?

Perhaps it is time for some Hot Buttered Rum…




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