Memories made daily.




Walt Disney had some great thoughts behind the concept of Disneyland. One of the best was that it could be a place where families and friends could share in experiences. And it may be that this is the greatest gift we can all take away from the Happiest Place On Earth.

I am blessed in that I have many fine memories from many great visits to the Park. Family, friends and friends to be, all played their part in creating those memorable moments.

Sadly, an increasing number of those people are no longer with us. I use the term “sadly” in that these folks won’t be there to share any new moments. Yet, without them, those treasured memories would not exist. Be it a shared moment of Disney magic or just the pleasure of their company, all are a part of something special. Special in a way that Walt wanted it to be for “all who visit this happy place.

So, to honor them, think back on your own special times at a Disney park. Remember the people who made magical times for you and yours. Smile and thank them for being there to share.

At this time of the year, it is a fine gift.


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