Meanwhile, in the backyard


It is no secret that Walt Disney changed the lives of many people. Entertainment would never be the same with many of the changes that he and the company with his name brought to life.

This was one. A small one in the scheme of things. The hobby of back-yard railroading, in particular. 7 and 1/2 inches between the rails. Walt adopted it as a way to relieve his tensions after a day at the studio. As an example, the yellow caboose was built by hand, complete with interior details was one Walt greatly enjoyed building. The scale stove became one of several items from the railroad project that fellow enthusiasts could and did enjoy on their own railroads. Plans and parts fueled many imaginati0ns.

Who knows how many trains just like Walt’s rolled around backyard’s across the country? I’ve seen plenty photos of great examples. Nice to know that this small part of the Disney world keeps going today. The hobby would not be the same if he had not shared his enjoyment of it with others through his own relaxation.

Of course, you can see the original on display as part of the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, in the Presidio.

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