Meanwhile, back at the ranch…



When last I left you, loyal readers, it was aboard the Napa Valley Limited heading from San Luis Obispo for Los Angeles. Safe to say, that trip was indeed completed. And the quick turn around back to Oakland and Sacramento came the days following.

A long trip out on the road with the Two Rivers. All of 17 days from start to finish, from Sacramento and back again. From what everyone had to say, enjoyed by one and all. Lots of good people, places, food and beverage along those miles.

We’re thinking on another trip next year from Oakland to New Orleans, perhaps in April. Another big trip as it takes 5 days to get there and another 5 days back to Oakland. Throw in 2 or 3 days in New Orleans along with overnights in Chicago each way and it has promise.

So, along the way, I managed to add a couple of duties. I am now the administrator for the AAPRCO Facebook page. And when the smoke clears, I am also taking on running the AAPRCO blog.

You know that old line about needing a vacation from my vacation? I kind of felt that way after this one.

But, there is much to come. First up, the Friends of the Walt Disney Family Museum on Facebook will be having a bit of a gathering on Saturday, November 2nd at 2 pm. A chance to meet one another, say hello and trade a Disney pin or three.

November also sees the start of the Dickens Fair at San Francisco’s Cow Palace. Running 5 weekends this year, 11/23 through 12/22, from 10 am to 7 pm, including the Friday after Thanksgiving. Cuthebert’s Tea Shoppe as usual, although I’ve heard rumblings about some changes. More as I learn the details. But plan on the usual, especially High Tea.

Beyond all that? Candlelight beckons at Disneyland, 12/7 and 8. And who knows what else along the way… Stay tuned!


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