Looking forward and a challenge


Today, Disneyland celebrates 57 years of operation. Yes, 57 years ago, folks all across the country tuned in to their local ABC network affiliate to watch as Walt opened the park with a true television spectacular. Broadcast live, it was the culmination of months of work to bring the dream to reality. And all these years later, many memories keep that dream alive. The people who make that possible have all played parts and should be proud of what they do every day.


Over many years, I have been very lucky in that I have a good group of friends with whom I have been able to share a good many experiences at Disneyland (as well as other places). Sadly, some of them are no longer with us.

Note the photo above. Now I don’t know the gentleman pictured wearing the t-shirt with “The Challenge” atop the back. In his own way, he illustrates the real challenge that I am issuing to all of my friends.

It’s pretty simple. I would hope that we all can be around when Disneyland turns 75 years old. That isn’t that far away. 2030. Only 18 years and counting. What magic awaits? I don’t have any crystal ball to share details, but I sure would hope that all these people are there to see it.

I won’t name names. You know who you are. And I hope that you all know just how special you all are to me and to others around you.

So, the real challenge here? Take better care of yourselves. Pass on that piece of pie or extra cocktail. Lose those extra pounds you really don’t need. Get out, exercise and do what it takes to be better to yourselves. You all deserve to live better.

I know how hard this is. It isn’t something that comes easy and won’t happen overnight. But if I do know something, it is how much can be done when you really decide to do something.

After all, as Walt once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”.


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  1. Disneylady says:

    Glad to see this challenge! This week I was already feeling the need to get back on track taking better care of myself. Nothing concrete, thank goodness! Just want to shed some pounds that have crept back on. Oh the despair of not being able to zip up those jeans that used to fit perfectly! Must concentrate on more fruits and veggies instead of those last two cookies. Count me in!

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