Long time, no post?


Hey Loyal Readers!

That’s me on the left, with cohort Shelly Valladolid aboard the C.K. Holiday of the Disneyland Railroad at the Main Street Station last year.


Yes, it has been more than a while since I took up the cause and posted in this space. Apologies all around.

In the real world, I changed professions last year as the contract for my previous employment came to an end. That led to the new gig as the Customer Relations Supervisor for the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District. It is a good fit for my skills and experiences over all the years. That’s the good news part of the equation.

The bad news? Well, sports fans, that is my daily commute. I still drive from home out west in Livermore to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station. Then it’s a 45-minute train ride into San Francisco’s Embarcadero. From there, a short walk takes me to the Ferry Building (with all of the associated myriad temptations awaiting) for the ferry ride across San Francisco Bay to the Larkspur Ferry Terminal. Onto to the San Rafael Transit center and my desk. A reverse repeat awaits for the journey home in the afternoon.

If all goes very well (and it rarely does) the morning commute can come in at two hours from door to door. The afternoon is more like two and a half hours is the transit gods are smiling. On days where the gods have been angered? I don’t like to think about those days. Just no fun of any kind…

So, you can appreciate that the rare moment to rustle up some words and pics for the blog are few and far between. But, as they say, that is the price of doing business and while we are at it, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred.

I have managed to take in a few things on rare time away from the job. Back in late June, I managed to visit Anaheim with family for an extended four days at Disneyland. That meant a much laid back approach with some visits to lesser explored places than on previous family visits. Good  times for everyone.

Having done all that, once again I manage not to be taking the plunge at either D23 Expo or Comicon. Yes, the record of no shows at both events remains mercifully intact. Honestly, the con or convention scene was so much a part of my younger days that I am glad to be able to say that I am much better now. No more dining on hotel hot dogs or room service leftovers. And no more wondering when all those lost hours of sleep might be made up, even at a severe discount.

I do miss seeing good friends and catching up on all of the latest scoop in various fandoms. Years may have passed and children became grandchildren, but those were some good people all around the world. I shared some great fun with so many.

From time to time, I get thinking back on all of the things that I have been able to enjoy over the years. Experiences and places that really were memorable because of the people who I was able to share them with. That’s the real treasure to look back on.

Earlier this year, business took me east and gave me an opportunity to check in with some folks that I spent a lot of time online with back in my days as a paid Community Manager for AOL. I had not seen them in almost 15 years. Even though we only spent a few hours at dinner together, it was a great reminder of the fun and work we all put in back in the wonder years of the online experience when things were kinder and gentler. Sure, we had trolls even then, but they weren’t so vitriolic as they are now.

Occasionally, opportunities come along that take me back in time. One coming up this weekend, as a matter of fact. While I won’t spoil the telling of that tale until another time, it is the kind of moment that I tend to enjoy all the more with someone along for the ride.

My father passed away earlier this year after having been given an extra four years, thanks to good personal medical care. Had he still been with us, I would have offered him the chance to join me on this particular adventure. I can see his smile, all the wider for what lies ahead. And that would have made it all the more special.


So, words of advice. Take the moment and enjoy it as it comes. Make those memories to last you and yours. See you down the road after more adventures. And if time allows, I will share more of them with you right here…

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