It all started with Walt.


Is it really the case here? Could it be that one part of the Company that bears his name didn’t get the memo? You know… the one where the Walt Disney Company is slowly being transformed into just plain Disney.

Think about it for a moment. A whole new entrance to a theme park set in a version of Southern California that Walt might have encountered when he first arrived from Kansas City in 1923. Including a really inspirational statue at street level of a young Walt Disney and a young Mickey Mouse that guests are encouraged to have their photo’s taken with. And then a really swell line of merchandise based on that same image.

Doesn’t sound like a company set to remove it’s founder from memory does it?

Add to that, these photo’s of Walt (with an autograph) for sale all over both parks.




Some really nice images, there. From all through the years. And reasonably priced too. For a company that seems to be trying to remove the man’s name from memory, this seems to fly in the face of that.

I’m glad to see that we’re getting a reminder that one man’s dream continues to inspire both inside and outside the Walt Disney Company.

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  1. Ray Spencer says:

    This is exactly right and the right thing to do. An incredible story and incredible man. Thanks for this post Roger

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