I think that I shall never see…

With apologies to Joyce Kilmer, today offers a quick look at some of the trees encountered about the Disneyland Resort last weekend. See? It was not raining all the time!

I always enjoy a stop at the Grand Californian Hotel. A visit to the Story Tellers Cafe and you see this tree outside on the lawn in front. Something more seasonal? Okay, how about this?



Yes, that’s more like it. You can even find Santa here in the lobby at various times throughout the day.

And California Adventure does not disappoint either! This one features some great theming with the train and vintage ornaments to match.

Could have sworn the Red Car was by here only a few minutes ago.

Meanwhile, over at the Disneyland Hotel…

Yes, it is Southern California and that is a palm tree. And yes, thank you, there are plenty of seasonal trees about the hotel, too.

Disneyland still has it’s magnificent tree at the aptly name Christmas tree point. Wasn’t it a pumpkin only a few weeks ago?

And speaking of trees. why not a mobile tree? I mean one that moves under it’s own power. Like this!

It is after all the Christmas Fantasy parade.

And finishing off today, what would a seasonal to Disneyland visit be without a living tree? From the rain shortened Candlelight Processional, Saturday night:

Great as ever.

So with that, I think it is past time to make like a tree and …



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