Disneyland – No Extra Souvenirs



I’m still recovering from a visit to Anaheim shortly before Christmas. Not that it was a challenge. Both parks looked great and we had a fantastic time.

No, I was gifted with a rather nasty cold that all too soon became acute bronchitis. Down for the count, I was flat on my back in bed for the better part of three weeks.

Maybe it was just me, but it sure seemed like there were a whole lot more folks coughing and wheezing all around. I know, it is the season for colds and flu, right? Add to that some folks who think that a measles outbreak is traced back to their own Disneyland visits.

What can you do? First and foremost, wash your hands. I can’t say that often enough. Wash your hands. If you’re out and about in the theme park world, it’s just a good idea no matter what. That and or make use of the hand sanitizer. (I’ve started packing a small bottle just to be safe.)

Along the way? Eat smart, be sure you don’t over do it and get the appropriate amount of rest. Taking that middle of the day nap can be a good idea. Even just getting off your feet for a while does more good than you might think. As tempting as taking that open to close day might be, relax and the time away can be restorative.

I also need to sound the voice of reason here. If you don’t really feel up to mixing in with all those guests? Don’t. Just don’t take the chance. Having done so and paid the price for it (with an extended hospital stay), I can honestly say that if you’re not ready for a day at the Park, it is best to stay home or even in your hotel room. Get better and enjoy the Parks another day. Don’t push yourself. An ambulance ride is not an E Ticket attraction.

So, the moral of the story? You can’t stop everything around you. But, being smart, you can take a few steps here and there to keep yourself healthy while out in a crowd. Here is hoping you don’t get any free “souvenirs” take take home, like I did.




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