Disneyland at 60 or Yawn…



So, in July of 2015, Disneyland turns 60 years old.

Plans call for a new day-time parade, new night-time fireworks and a new show using the system created for World of Color in California Adventure.

And that’s about as far as it goes. Oh, sure. There is new resort merchandise ahead, including the usual event to kick off selling it. Call me cynical, but nothing shown here says “Buy me”.

Yes, the park will be spiffed up, all shiny and sparkling. Literally. The castle gets the “ooh shiny” treatment with lots of lights (okay LED’s or light emitting diodes for the curmudgeons) and gems to catch the sun.

But what don’t Park guests get for the big Six-Oh? Well, no new attractions. Nothing inside the berm. Maybe a look back in the form of a museum of sorts in the Innoventions rotating building in Tommorowland; it’s self a left over from the 1960’s redo of the area as the GE Carousel of Progress, re-purposed from the 1964 New York Worlds Fair. And some new/revised areas across the way in California Adventure as Condor Flats gives way to the Grizzly Peak Airfield.

One can’t fault the management in Anaheim or Burbank for this. Attendance at Disneyland remains high, from both casual guests and annual passholders. Why dip into the corporate coffers for major expenses if people keep coming with what is in place right now?

Color me disappointed somewhat. Disney has added Pixar, Marvel and Lucas to the empire. Surely one of these could offer something for the 60th? Frankly looking down the road to the 65th, 70th and the even bigger 75th anniversaries for the Park, you have to see those parts of the entertainment industry as being part of a bigger influence.

I certainly understand how much of a challenge it is to design anything that those Accountanteer’s are willing to fund. Yet, if they could turn loose with big bucks for Radiator Springs (a.k.a. Carsland), what’s the hold up? After all, can’t let Universal and Harry Potter steal that much of the spotlight. Star Wars alone can and will hold audience attention in theaters as well as theme parks.

Yes, I may just be impatient. Wiser folks than I have said that Bob Eiger will announce plans for Star Wars projects worldwide either during the Star Wars Celebration or at the D23 Expo – both also being held in Anaheim this year.

But Disneyland’s 60th? So far, nothing compelling for this summer has been announced to get me down the Five to the Southland. Maybe just an excuse to visit friends will be enough.

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