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The American West – How the Fantasy Lives on at Disneyland

An exclusive for the Friends of the Walt Disney Family Museum Facebook page – story and photos by Roger Colton     If you look back to the map of Disneyland as it opened in July of 1955, one can make the case that the largest portion of the Park was given over to Frontierland. […]

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American Experience: Walt Disney

So… I watched all four hours of the American Experience: Walt Disney from PBS. From my perspective, it had a number of issues. Perhaps none more striking than this – You cannot begin to know the man who was Walt Disney in four hours of television. Any more than you can do so in spending […]

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Meanwhile, in the backyard

  It is no secret that Walt Disney changed the lives of many people. Entertainment would never be the same with many of the changes that he and the company with his name brought to life. This was one. A small one in the scheme of things. The hobby of back-yard railroading, in particular. 7 […]

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