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RFID Testing at Disneyland

A happy kitten at Disneyland?   While the big story about the next generation of guest experiences using RFID (or┬áRadio Frequency IDentification) at Disney theme parks has been the introduction of the Magic Bands at Walt Disney World, what hasn’t been shared is the story of how Disneyland played a part in some early testing […]

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Meanwhile, in the backyard

  It is no secret that Walt Disney changed the lives of many people. Entertainment would never be the same with many of the changes that he and the company with his name brought to life. This was one. A small one in the scheme of things. The hobby of back-yard railroading, in particular. 7 […]

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  Or in which we learn who is Roger and why should we be reading these Ruminations? A very good question.   I’ve been online since the Dark Ages. Back before the Internet even. Yes, when dinosaurs walked online. My first computer experiences were in the early 70’s at the Lawrence Hall of Science at […]

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The Wonder(con) of it all

If you ever wanted to know what it would be like if Comicon left San Diego and came to Anaheim, last weekend pretty well answered the question. Wondercon, after having been in San Francisco for 24 years, came south to the Anaheim Convention Center. And while it did not fill all of the function space […]

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In which we boil water

  It’s been a week that was. A new blog and plenty of great intentions, right? Until 0700 last Monday, the hot water heater failed here. And while, we’re at it, rain finally decided to arrive here in Northern California. A lot of rain, actually. Makes for fun for everyone, especially out there on the […]

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