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To boldly go…

  In case you missed it, Star Trek turned 50 years old today. As a child of the Space Race, I was certainly not alone in expecting that humanity would be well into space by now. Indeed, boldly going where no one has gone before. Budgets got cut, slashed and just plain mutilated; bringing those […]

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Things Change

Things change. I have been reminded of this fact lately. In a number of ways… Last month, my professional responsibilities came to an end after a long spell. Sad to see it happen and the way it came to end was not as pleasant as it might have been for some of the folks involved. […]

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To Boldly Go, Again…

No bloody A, B, C or D… So, word from CBS, parent company of Paramount that a new Star Trek series will be coming in early 2017. No details on what the focus will be of the story to be told. As a fan of Star Trek, I guess I am intrigued as to this […]

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Star Wars – The Easy Way Out

  I often find it amusing that so many people want to have Star Wars as the mythic tales of their time. Yes, with no heroes of epic proportions in the real world, one can understand how people can yearn for some in their entertainment. And why we are sadly continually disappointed when those we […]

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A stumble in the Force

I’m sure I will get flack for saying this, but I think the announced plans for additional lands featuring Star Wars at Disneyland and Walt Disney World are a mistake. Yes, a mistake.   I will admit to being something of an old fashioned theme park fan when it comes to Disney, but that doesn’t […]

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