Another year, more tales



Ah, the turning of the pages of calendars…

So, have you made that first correction of 2014? You know, such as the changing of the date on a check from 2013 to 2014. Yup, been there, done that.

Finally saw “Saving Mr. Banks”. I enjoyed it, despite knowing that much of what the story tells is just that; a fabricated story. But it is a docu-drama, not a documentary. If the project gets folks to learn more about Walt, the truth behind the brand, I am all in favor of it. And while I never had the pleasure of meeting Walt, the time spent with Diane Disney Miller, listening to her share about her dad was something I will always recall with great fondness.

And while on the subject of the Walt Disney Family Museum, if you have not yet seen the Tyrus Wong exhibition, GO! Looking forward to the upcoming Mary Blair exhibition and events along with other great events in 2014. Despite the untimely passing of Diane, the WDFM will continue to offer guests a great look at her father and his legacy.

Private Car Service will be offering a great trip from Los Angeles to Oakland (and back) for an event at the WDFM this fall. Promises to be a wonderful time for those who join us. More details to come.

Sad to hear of the final performances by Billy Hill and the Hillbillies at Disneyland. Live music has always been something special at the Park, despite the costs involved. Here’s hoping the Accountanteers don’t cut the budget for entertainment to the point where it sunsets. Always enjoy taking a few minutes to listen in. Rod Miller, Ernie McLean, the original (and sadly imitated) Royal Street Bachelors, to name a few.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not among those who wail in panic at any change in their personal, beloved Disneyland. It was never meant to be a museum. Never a moment to be captured in amber. Am I sad to see changes such as the impending demolition of the Fantasyland Skyway station or the rennovation/expansion of Club 33? Actually, quite the opposite. In the case of the Skyway, it is long gone, never to return. The station serves no purpose and has become a hazard; home to more termites than anything useful. In the case of Club 33, I am glad to see that funding finally came through to make long needed changes. Looking forward to a renovated location as well as a new menu under Executive Chef Andrew Sutton. It needs to reclaim that spot as the best dining experience in the Park, lost some time ago.

Enjoyed a fun evening at the Oakland Paramount over the holidays, viewing “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Another great series of films to come, including “Dirty Harry”. Can’t go wrong for only $5!

So, more fun in the coming year! Thanks for checking in.

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