Another of the California’s


Taking a break from things Disney today. Still plenty ahead to share on that subject, though…

No, today it is another part of the Golden State that calls. Somewhere off the beaten path. Plenty of traffic passes by. But it isn’t a spot that garners a great deal of attention.

Out there. Beyond the usual suburban clutter that sprawl has brought forth.

The funny thing about it is that California has so many places just like it. Places where there is no cellular phone coverage and the nearest Starbucks is hundreds of miles away.

The sad part is that so many visitors to California will never see these views. Will never stop and take in what has been placed along their way to enjoy.

Sure, plenty of folks enjoy some of the outdoors. Tahoe or Yosemite as two places where great becomes the best description. No, this spot and millions like it are seen every day by the lucky few who travel the roads less often taken.

Having been one of those lucky few, here is hoping that at some point this summer, your travels take you along such a road. Stop for a while and take in more than just the view.

Take in another one of the California’s. Just waiting to be discovered.

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