And here we are.

Sierra crossing


Someone asked why the infrequent posts of late.

Well, it is that time of year when one tends to hibernate. Or there is a lot going on and not enough time to take it all in. You decide.

Between the Dickens Fair, a quick visit to Anaheim and all the festivities of the season, posting here is less of a priority than it used to be. And that is not a bad thing, either…

2013 is on the way out. 2014 promises some interesting things.

On the theme park side of the coin, Disney will have some catching up to do once Universal opens it’s expansion of the World of Harry Potter. And maybe that’s for the good as things at the Mouse seem to have fallen and they can’t get up.

Baseball? Not that far off as pitchers and catchers report as usual in mid February with the 2014 season officially starting March 22nd with a game in Sydney, Australia between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks. Ah, I can smell BBQ now just waiting at Turkey Mikes in San Jose!

Movies and television? Yes, a bunch of things to watch. Literally. And one has to wonder if 2014 will see creativity break free of the sequel machine Hollywood has become. We can only hope so. And it would be great if so called “reality” programming went the way of the dodo. while we’re at it.

Call me cranky, but would it hurt pop culture if we didn’t get the latest display of pulchritude? Been there and seen that, no matter who shares what. A little intelligence goes a long way. Just ask Pope Francis.

So, safe and sane. An end to the old year. Stay warm and dry, while you’re at it.

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