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Ah, the promise of an afternoon…

Changes ahead, in all kinds of ways. Disney fans got a bunch of changes out there. Starting at the top, will Bob Iger be staying on now that Tom Staggs has declared his intentions to move on? Only time will tell, but I suspect Bob will be around a bit longer. He has a few more years before he hits that magic number forcing his retirement.

And while on the subject of Disney, how about Zootopia? Fun film and good to see if do so well as the box office. With international numbers, it will become the first animated film to do over a billion dollars at the box office. Walt and Roy would like that a lot. But Disney as a company seems poised to have a string of hits in theaters. With Star Wars (and all the spin-off films), Indiana Jones and all the Marvel properties ahead, times look good, don’t they? And don’t forget Steven Spielberg adding his own BFG to the mix, too. Stockholders gotta like what they are seeing ahead.

So, Universal has opened Harry Potter in California. Sure, it’s a winner. How could it not be? And with Disney looking to keep up as it gets hot and heavy into Star Wars construction in Anaheim, one would have to expect Universal has to have more up it’s sleeves to keep competition going for all of those tourist dollars.

Amusing isn’t it? Even with so much of Disneyland down for this project, folks still manage to spend and spend in Anaheim. As long as they keep coming, Disney will keep gathering all of that disposable income from them. Yes, truly, “Shut Up and Take My Money!”

April means a return to baseball. So far so good as the new season has some great stories already. Speaking of Story, he should do well in Denver as that seems to be a hitters park. And Baltimore! Oh, for some crab cake sandwiches to go along with all of those wins. Here is hoping for a productive year for the Orioles in a traditionally tough American League East division. A’s and Giants? Give me Stockton for the Ports (I really need to go visit the Banner Island Ballpark) or just an excuse for some Turkey Mikes BBQ in San Jose. Would be nice if the big clubs did better than last year, while we are at it.

Still waiting for Apple or anyone to come along with the next technological “must-have”. With so many people trained to their phones or other devices, it is only a matter of time before the next gotta get gadget sucks them in even more. Although the next generation of Google Glass (Google Goggles?) has to be lurking out there some where in developer hell…

This Saturday see’s me off to the Presidio in San Francisco for THATCamp, with a look at Humanities and Technology. Promises to be an interesting event. And the following Friday, it is a throwback as Trader Vic’s offers the latest in Cocktail Seminars with a visit to the 1947 Bartenders Guide. Gotta grab my copy and be ready to try my hand at something tempting and tasty!

Yes, sir. Fun ahead at all times, at least from this afternoon onward.


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