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There and back again… and without hobbits, too! Did anybody notice it is 2014 yet?

Ah, the Mac turned 30 years old last week. As one can see above, the faithful still believe. Count me as one of them, with my own amusing history with products of the multi-colored or not fruit. From an Apple ][e up to an iPhone and then some, I am not making the transition to Windows 8 any time soon.

And the Super Bowl is this coming Sunday. At least commercials promise some interesting moments.

I started an interesting discussion over on Facebook. Something to excite various Disney dweebs as the rumors of various changes at Disneyland swirl about. With Universal about to launch expansions of Harry Potter on both coasts, it appears the Mouse is putting its efforts behind the Force. At least that’s the rumors on the street. I don’t know which gets more excitement going – rumors of the revival of an old attraction or rumors of the demolition of one. I say, bring back the Viewliner at Disneyland!!!

Hey, what do you know? We might get rain this week here in Northern California. And more than a sprinkle or three. Someone remind folks of those years when we had rain well into May, would you?

Is this year the most bland of award crops or what? So far, nothing worth missing and it sure looks like more of the same.

So, saw Mr. Banks and the latest Hobbit. Entertained but nothing major came from both. Still have no interest in Frozen. Guess I am just not in the demographic for it. Didn’t see the big hair effort or even the Monsters prequel last year either. Or many other movies for that matter. More the pity as I used to fall into local multiplexes once or twice a week way back when. Now, you kids be quiet and stay off my lawn while you’re at it!

In a little more than two weeks, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. Baseball season is just around the corner.

Meanwhile, over at the Presidio… I don’t get it. Establish criteria for potential projects and then reject the one that meets them because it might be too popular? Sure. The City has been attracting folks for almost 250 years and now you’re worried about it?

Speaking of San Francisco, better get those ear plugs ready cause Fleet Week will be back this fall. That means the Blue Angels flying above. Bringing tourists and sailors and dollars to be spent. After the black hole that was the Americas Cup, income is good all around.

A couple of favorite restaurants have closed their doors in the City, with promises to reopen. Good memories of meals at both. And speaking of favorite dining, Fogo de Chao comes to San Jose any time. Meat, meat and more meat. Did I mention meat?

Can you believe it? 36 years of train porn. Mostly in Stockton. Yes, Winterail goes on.

Looking ahead, it is hard not to look back. Good folks, good times, great memories. 2014 promises more of all three. Who knew?

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