4:00 Every Afternoon

Like millions of others, 4:00 pm found me if front of the television to watch this man at work. Monday through Friday, that is.

Hard to say why but this show had that something that all the other “daytime dramas” did not offer then. Of course, it had all the family dynamics that the others had. Putting the fun back into dysfunctional and all that.

Yet with the appearance of the vampire, the show took a turn for the better the captured audiences. Far better than other had before. Not just housewives, either. All across the geographic. Boys, girls, men and women – all kinds of ages, all around the country.

Much of the credit goes to this man, Jonathan Frid. His character was a reluctant one, cursed neither to find love or peace. He struck a chord that still keeps fans entertained, all these years later. So much so, he is on screen again in a new film of “Dark Shadows” next month by Tim Burton. With Johnny Depp playing the role he created.

Appropriately, it seems, Jonathan passed away last Friday. Friday the 13th.

As vampire, he never sparkled onscreen. Only in our hearts.


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  1. Carol Trumbo says:

    I remember Dark Shadows. I was introduced to it back in 1974 when I got married. My in-laws were
    hooked on it. Barnabas (the vampire) was definitely the star in my opinion !!

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